OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder


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thanks to all of the help and support from fans of sirowan and goro, goro has received about half of the cost of his surgery in donations! i’m so happy for goro, and i can’t imagine how relieved sirowan must be. at any rate, you still have time to donate should you want to, and you can always watch goro’s videos to help, too, since sirowan receives ad revenue if you watch them all the way to the end. i assumed goro would get all the assistance he needs before the end of march but i didn’t expect sirowan to receive almost half of the amount needed in just a couple weeks. :-) 

to donate to goro’s fund on paypal, send your donation to: siro_wan@yahoo.co.jp

to watch goro’s videos on youtube, visit his channel.

Goro on top of Mount Fuji.

Cuz corgis, gonna corg. 


this is goro. you may have seen photos and gifs of him posted here. roughly a week ago, i learned that he is suffering from a few different, serious health problems: a right and left perineal hernia, and he has an enlarged prostate. unfortunately, three expensive operations are needing to be done on goro to survive. goro will need surgery by the end of march or we’re all afraid his adventures will come to an end. 

sirowan, goro’s owner, urges you to subscribe to goro’s youtube channel and share links to goro’s videos with friends, family, or whoever really. sirowan receives revenue from ads and it will all go toward goro’s treatment. he also has a working paypal account as well, and all funds in this account will go toward goro’s surgery as well. sirowan is not outright asking anyone to donate, but to just watch goro’s videos and subscribe to his youtube channel. you can tell how much sirowan loves goro, and no one deserves to have that taken from them prematurely, so if you can spare a couple dollars or a few minutes on youtube, please help goro. 

goro isn’t my dog, and he’s not your dog, but i think we can all agree that we love goro. sirowan’s early uploads to youtube are what made me really fall in love with corgis. sirowan’s videos of goro are so much more than that. he’s climbed to the top of mount fuji, he goes to beaches, beautiful parks, and it really opens your eyes to how beautiful japan is along with watching goro romp around in snow and leaves. goro’s videos always cheer me up if i’m in a bad mood, and i think this applies to many of you as well. so, please, if you can spare a few dollars or 5 minutes of your time, consider donating to goro’s surgery fund or watching his videos on youtube.

click this link to get to paypal’s website. then, you should have the option to put sirowan’s email address along with yours, and the amount you would like to send. i’m not entirely sure if you can donate in u.s. currency or if you have to change it to japanese yen. if this is not the case, please let me know and i’ll edit the post. :-)

sirowan’s email address is:


subscribe to goro’s youtube channel

please spread this post around! i know it would mean the world to sirowan, and i’d really hate to see the little guy go. you guys are wonderful, so thank you! :-)


Goro vs. Slide

Goro begs for more.