OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder

Corgis gotta dance.


Corgis gotta dance.



Love the butt wiggle. 



Love the butt wiggle. 


Please just allow me to bring back another dancing corgi video.

That is some intense corgi booty shaking. 

Whatever beverage you have in your in your mouth, swallow, and THEN press play. My absolutely favorite corgi dancing video. Belly aching good! 

Einstein does this dance after every meal.

Thanks to Cricket’s mom for bringing this after dinner dance phenomenon to my attention. And thank you to Seri for submitting said corgi post dinner dance as evidence.

I think, my darling addicts, that we may be on the brink of discovering a new corgiesque behavior. I have plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting that the after dinner corgi dance does indeed occur in a number of reported cases. 

But what is the TRUE incidence of the post dinner corgi dance in the corgi population?

And is it unique to the corgi population or does it include all stumpy dogs? (Wiener dog and beagle owners, speak up!)

I will have to sleep on an experimental design to adequately survey the stumpy dog population while trying to eliminate the many sources of bias that could skew the data.

Perhaps more intriguing is WHY IS THERE A DINNER DANCE?! Unfortunately, that’s a whole different experiment. But if I had to guess right now I would say the corgis use the dance as a way to aid digestion — an aperitif to a stomach filling meal. 

SCIENCE! CORGIS! DINNER! It’s all happening right here. 

takes two to do the munchkin tango

takes two to do the munchkin tango

Freestyling with her fluffy. Have you ever seen a corgi fluffy butt moonwalk before? Didn’t think so. She talks about her fluffy first, corgi freestylin’ starts at 1:26. Fluffy butt moonwalkin at 2:00. 

Winston is featured on the video, and here is your first ever experience with a corgi dancing in wheels

And perhaps the best dancer and prancer shake your corgi booty of all the corgis, Chichi

Caryn now takes her dancing dog show on the road. WARNING: obnoxious website ahead: dazzeldogsent.com

you kids are so crazy. 

this video is seriously ridiculous. i think it tops booty shakin’ corgi dance. 


Vogue, Dwight, vogue!

I wanted to share this but your submission didn’t seem to offer links to videos. I have a corgi as well, though unlike several photos here, she DESPISES being wet. Here’s a video of what happens after every bath she’s given. 

submitted by anonymous pwner of Ginger, the corgi who does “the dance” post bath. 

verrryyyyy interesting. this drop and roll “ehhh ehhh get it off of meeeee!” desperation dance seems to yet another very-corgi phenomenon. i’ve seen other corgis “doooooo the dance” (Invader Zim creeping in here) post bath. all variations of stop, drop, and RUB RUB RUB RUB. 

i suspect corgis and liking bath time has a lot to do with how bath time and water was approached a puppies. i wonder if getting in the bath with the puppy + adequate reward COOKIEZ would help a corgi to get conditioned to water.

as for taking away video posts… i was having a lotta FAIL video submissions. i figured it was too hard. 

corgi dances to his song — “butter, butter”

OK… no seriously. Watch the whole thing. Trust me. Don’t be eating anything at the 1:03 because you just might choke on your food and die from corgi-related HILARITY!