OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder


Corgi Toss!

My cousin is the one throwing Kipper into the snow.

Apparently some corgis do not respond to the corgi toss. This one’s a dud!


Corgi toss! CORGI TOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

this is one of my top 5 all time favorite youtube corgi videos. i can watch it on repeat for hours and never tire of it. and this video is the ONLY REASON why i will actually be a teeny tiny bit sad this may be my last real winter EVAR. 

i hope all of you who live in the Snowmageddon 2011 survivors celebrated your respective snow days with a proper corgi toss. Way to make me tear up with pride, Mr. Milldrum.

Remember: only gently toss your corgi if there is adequate soft poofy snow to cushion your darling bunny butt from injury. 

corgi toss. where one takes their corgi and gently tosses them into 3 feet of snow. the corgis seem to love it. the corgis even made their own tunnels. how ADORABLE. i think i will miss winter if only because I will not be able to do my own corgi toss. :(

anyone else out there in snow land doing a corgi toss this year?