OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder
define: FRAP

From Corgipants

Corgis do something most dogs leave behind in puppyhood. Most dogs, when they are puppies, race around excitedly for seemingly no reason, flailing and turning, racing in circles and figure eights at top speed, only to stop mid circle and crash onto the ground like nothing happened. And most breeds discontinue this activity once they leave their puppy teeth on the carpet. This is called a FRAP. Corgis (and a few other breeds of dogs like Scottish Terriers) FRAP their whole lives. FRAP is an acronym, customarily standing for Frequent Random Acts of Play, and more scientifically known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods. Earlier this year I hosted a contest on Corgi-L, a corgi message group, to challenge everyone to come up with new phrases that FRAP could stand for. I share them here for your amusement:
Free-wheeling Rambunctiousness As if Possessed
Frenzied Racing Action-packed Play
Furry Rumble And Pants (as in tongue hanging out slobbering) 
Frazzling Runs of Arooing Playtime
Fervent Recreational Art of Psychosis
Flurries of Rowdy Arbitrary Peril
Fantastically Riotous and Acrobatic Pandemonium
Frantic Random Acts of Pursuit
Frenzied, Ridiculous, Amazing Playtime
Frequent Repetitive Affirmation (of the) Pedigree
Frequent Racing After the Papillon
Frenzied Romping and Playing
F-A-S-T Rambunctious And Playfulness
Fanatically Righteous Antics Play
Forever Remembering Actions Puppyhood
Freaking Ridiculous and Annoying Playtime
Fools Reliving Actions of Puppyhood
Feline Rodeo Awakening Poopies
Frisky Running at an Accelerate Pace
Frolicsome Rushing About the People
Free Range Agility Practice
Frantic Revolutions About the the Place

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