OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder
I'm sure you have thought of it (you are a wizard and think of everything) but have you mentioned CorgiPals for Goro (or do they only assist USA) - it just seems so simple - Goro has thousands of fans, and if only 1,000 of those fans donated $10.00 he would have enough for his surgery - there has got to be something, as a Corgi Nation, that we can do to help Goro

We need Sirowan, Goro’s owner, to be on board too. There is a body of water and a language barrier. Paige of CorgiPals is working on it. She is the corgi fundraising expert, so I am just waiting. 

  1. ghostofthewind said: I hope that Corgi Nation can help. I sent them your first post about Goro. I think the world loves him. Cheers!
  2. taykash said: I messaged Sirowan (I speak fluent Japanese) about helping him with his paypal, as there seems to a problem with his account, and have received no response.
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