OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder
Any news on Goro the corgi at all? I heard he was sick

No news. Corgi nation has there been an update? Last I know is the is a surgery Goro needs, but have yet to hear further. 

sorry. I should add I have been in contact with Paige of CorgiPals and Laurie of the daily corgi, we are all on board to do some epic fundraising. I am just waiting to hear the plan of how we can help. For now, the best way to help is to watch and share your favorite Goro videos. Sirowan gets money for every video watched.
  1. stormqueen280 said: Yes he does need a surgery, and it seems to be pretty expensive. In this video (youtube.com/watch?v…), he explains the problems in the ‘about’ section.
  2. zoeyandstevethecorgi said: Corgipals is in contact with Goro’s owner in Japan. Stay tuned.
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