OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder

Did anyone do a corgi toss during Nemo?

  1. cbassafras answered: Nemo would toss the shit out of some corgis.
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    I hope you took note of this is in your dash, and you know who you are.
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  4. alexisvela answered: Your dog is so cute
  5. ghostofthewind answered: Nope.
  6. misshellokittywomen555 answered: no srry
  7. sweetcorgi answered: Is there something wrong with having a corgi meetup at the beach in California while corgis are getting tossed in the snow on the East coast?
  8. cursesonyourmom answered: youtube.com/watch?v…
  9. corgilicious said: We most certainly did. Penny did not like it as much as we had anticipated…
  10. kipperthecorgi said: Yes, I will be posting a video later.
  11. creamlovers answered: idk
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  14. cokestream answered: no
  15. mollyballsoup answered: No but I wish I had a corgi to have played with during nemo
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