OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder

Dear Corgi Nation,

I must tell you about the national shortage of corgi hand puppets. It’s true and very very sad. Folkmanis the maker of the above corgi hand puppet has “retired” this model in favor of a more popular Portuguese Waterdog. Obviously, they do not realize that the corgi nation is already being represented at at least the state wide level with Sutter, First Corgi of California. And even Alton Brown has a Cardigan corgi! CORGIS ARE LOVED BY ALL! We need the puppet back!

So, I had an idea. We should start an email campaign to Folkmanis asking them to bring back the corgi puppet. Or to make a Cardigan version or a tricolor! 

This hand puppet is a favorite of many corgi lovers and one was given to me as a present and temporary corgi until I got Pudge. Now Pudge has corgi and has yet to destroy corgi. Otis and the Frogman are also huge fans of this puppet. 

Oh won’t you please pledge your allegiance to the corgi and write to Folkmanis requesting them to make a corgi come back? It takes less than 2 minutes. All of your suggestions can be corgis. 


If we got Squishable to vote corgi, I am sure we can get Folkmanis to bring their corgi puppet back!!!

For corgis we must,


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