OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder
I have a question, kind of wondering really..Will two cardigan corgi parents produce pups with different coat colors or will they breed true? Like for example two Blue Merles will make only Blue Merle puppies? Or is it possible to get a brindle coated one, etc.? Thank you very much for any info!

Cardigan corgi coat color genetics is really fracking complicated. I was told, I think, that if you cross a merle and a tricolor you get ALL the colors. I THINK. But I don’t really know, or understand.

Can anyone shed some light on Cardigan coat color genetics? What is the most common cross? Why? 

Brindle x Brindle = All variations of black, brindle and maybe a tan?

I know Merle x Merle = possible lethal or undesirable “forbidden” cross even if it will give you all merles, because double merle means you can get deafness (white ears). 

For your end of year corgi examination, please submit in detail a summation of possible crosses and genetics. Pictures of potential crosses = automatic honors in corginomics   correction, corginetics. ;)

  1. slckat said: In most cases, if you breed merle to merle, you end up with a very high rate of blindness and deafness in the pups.
  2. yeolaredumb said: Genetics vary no matter what. You can cross two Corgis with the same coat color and get the complete opposite color you’re looking for. Its all got to do with dominant and recessive genes. You really aren’t guarenteed any specific results.
  3. tashiwartooth said: Also, be careful slinging around the “lethal white” phrasing. It’s use is being ousted slowly but surely to prevent unnecessary euthanasia of predominantly white merle pups. I think double merle or homozygous merle are the more desired terms.
  4. shineagaingold said: pretty much any combo can create all the colors, but for the most part, they breed true. However, because blue merle’s are more rare and have a smaller gene pool, its an unspoken rule that two blue merle’s don’t breed together. but if one of the parents is blue, you’ll…
  5. disney-die-hardredirect said: In terms of genetics in general, you have more possibilities than are present in the parents. There are at least two alleles per parent per gene, but only one is expressed, so there are “hidden” ones that can be passed to the child and expressed :)
  6. sweetcorgi said: I am not a scientist, but shouldn’t it be corginetics? Corginomics has to do with the ratio of $ spent on noms/ number of toys destroyed in a week.
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