OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder
What makes fluffy corgis so rare? I have never seen one before except in these pictures. And where do you get one? Are they specially bred to be fluffy?

Fluffies are rare because it takes a whole bag full of kittens, angora bunnies, and unicorns to make a fluffy. You can get one from the Fluffy shop down the street. And no. 

Real answer:

Mendelian genetics, think about your peas! Fluffies are the recessive coat mutation in corgis. So in order to get a fluffy you either need heterozygous non-fluff parents, a fluff with a fluff to get more fluff, or you need a fluffy and a heterozygote non-fluff. 

So let’s assume that the fluffy gene is considered not desirable by breeders — aka they SELECT for NON-fluffs. A breeder would get a fluff in their litter if both of the parents were secretly carrying the gene. Fluffs are more of a cute surprise than an intentional outcome. So since it’s not a mutation that’s selected for, the allele frequency in the population actually decreases. This is another reason why they are so rare. I have yet to see a fluffy-only breeder because you can’t “show” fluffies (the fluffy gene is considered a really cute defect). 

I am almost convinced that in Japan they DO breed FOR fluffs. I’ve never seen such a high frequency of fluffs in an area before, but that could be a founder effect. On the other hand, the Japanese like all things cute. So maybe it’s intentional. 

As to how to get one — find a breeder with a fluff in it’s litter. They are hard to find, but when you stumble across one it’s like a little fluffy treasure. 

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