OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder

If you want to see ALL the corgis click here for the archive.

The first corgi ever to be posted was in March, 2010. And it was a lobster corgi.

Trying to navigate through this site using tumblrs un-search tool — you will get frustrated. You need to find things through tags. Luckily, I quickly became OCD about tags. I just have no idea what all the tags I use are.

For example corgi puppies are either tagged: puppy, puppies (for many), or corgi puppy.




Some other tags I use are:

  • lobster
  • all_the_corgis
  • so_many_corgis
  • pack_of_corgis
  • costume
  • halloween
  • sleepy
  • belly_up
  • nom / chomp
  • floppular / stumptastic
  • frap / frapping
  • cardi / cardigan / cardigan corgi

(there are more but this is a start)

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